Monica Figueiredo 

Mind Health Coach

Address: 11050 Crabapple Rd suite 109, building C – Roswell GA

Office Hours: 9am to 8pm | Phone: (330) 224-7757 


More about Monica…

Since 1994, I’ve been helping my clients optimize their wellness by developing a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices.

As a certified Mental Health Coach, I aim to help you create a balanced life that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. It’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again. A Health Coach works to incorporate a clients wishes, longings, and goals into a healthy lifestyle. Some diseases appear physically but may actually be the result of psychological conditions, such stress, anxiety and depression.

I have great experience as a Private Practice Psychologist as I graduated in Brazil. I have spent a lot of time counseling children, adults and teenagers.

-Worked with small groups and individually using Psychosomatic Theory

-Worked helping students solve their issues with learning using Art therapy
Accompanied parents and teachers to help them work with their kids and their educational issues.

-Worked in an Education Center for Children with Disabilities

-Worked with children with multiple mental and physical disabilities
Provided support for parents so that they could better understand their children’s conditions

-Worked as a Psychologist Human Resource
Psychologist Administered tests and interviews with applicants during hiring process.

-Worked as a Private practice Psychologist
Counseled children, adults and teenagers

-Worked with small groups and individually using Psychosomatic Theory

⁃ Worked as a Workshop administrator

• Health Coach Emory University

As a Mind Health Coach, I have an objective to identify the clients goals in relation to health and quality of life through the development of skills and competences that provide positive attitudes and actions towards their objectives.

The benefit from this process lies in self-awareness. 

A Health Coach works to encourage self-reflection, so that you yourself can find solutions to your questions, in addition to establishing a goal that makes your well-being viable.

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